Lauren’s Clinic Story

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Lauren winced at herself in front or the mirror. Now, eighteen months after the birth of her second child, the dream of returning to her pre-pregnancy weight was becoming a taunt. It seemed she now had less of many things, less sleep, less energy, less time for exercise, less time to do the things that kept her in balance, much less of lots of things, except her weight… which had slowly crept up and now threatened to force the purchase of yet another set of clothes.

She didn’t like being overweight, but in the past had talked herself into this being part of the deal of motherhood, however, she now noticed what she was saying to herself when she stood in front of the mirror after a shower, and started to wonder if her husband was thinking the same things. She was being the best mum she could, a bit cranky at times when she was tired, but couldn’t really work out why things weren’t settling down and beginning to improve. She knew she had to do something about her energy levels, her diet and her weight but did not really know where to start, lots of things that she read seem to conflict and she didn’t want to waste her time on something that wasn’t going to work.

She asked a couple of mothers at her children’s school if they knew anyone who was good, and one suggested Terry at Nature Therapies. She phoned for an appointment and was able to read a lot about the clinic on its website before she came. Terry listened to her history and pulled together what seemed to be unrelated symptoms into a diagnosis of three things that were potentially combining together to make her feel so low. She had allowed her fat to build up above the 35% of body weight level, where it was now acting as a hormone dysregulator and producing low grade systemic inflammation in her body. This, combined with some residual toxicity from not being able to exercise as she had in the past, and never having done a detox since her “very social” young adulthood, had put a lot of strain on her liver and digestive system. She was also eating certain foods (and some comfort foods) that definitely did not agree with her and added to the inflammation and toxicity.

Terry recommended some blood and urine testing to determine what levels of toxicity existed, and specifically how they had affected her body, and to also help choose the best type of detox process. A full integrated detox of the gut and liver was chosen to reduce her toxic load, decrease systemic inflammation and rejuvenate her energy levels. He also used acupuncture to calm down the nerves and improve her sleep and its regenerating capacity and introduced her to a very special personal trainer at the local gym to guide her through an appropriate return to exercise. Dietary changes were instigated as part of the detox and whilst seemingly a little challenging at first, Lauren found it easy to find most of the things she needed at the supermarket and health foods stores.

Three weeks into her detox Lauren started to feel a lot better, with increased energy and a different outlook on life starting to emerge. She had more patience with her children and had already lost 2kg of fat. (She knew this because Terry had taken a Cellular Health Analysis readings which accurately recorded her fat level). Lauren ended up losing 12.2 kg of fat and put on 2.8 kg of muscle in the next four months and was very happy to slip in to some old favourite outfits that had not been out of the wardrobe for four years, however the best thing she enjoyed was being able to have energy to really enjoy her family again and get all the things done that she wanted to do, without feeling totally wrecked at the end of the day. Intimacy improved and she started feeling really good about herself again. It took another ten months for a Lauren to get close to her pre-pregnancy weight, but by this time she had developed a completely different lifestyle and a new more balanced outlook on life.She wasn’t going back!

Lauren’s story is relatively common, with many young mums finding the increased demands of motherhood and a young family leaving little time for looking after themselves. Getting back on track early before things get too far out of hand, is always better than watching your health to continue to decline, knowing that it will be a much harder and bigger job in a few months’ time.

Effective natural interventions like detoxification, exercise and sorting out what food fuels you best, are some of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle in today’s modern and sometimes “processed” world If you have never done a detox or just feel a bit clogged up, sluggish and toxic then a personalised Nature Therapies detox could be just the thing you need to get back on track. To make an appointment for a full health assessment, including the testing necessary to determine whether a detox would be indicated, please call Terry Hitzke on 0408 186 243.

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