Curing Depression in Nature

Cassandra’s Experience

When I first met Terry, I was depressed and had a range of clinical symptoms that, undoubtedly, were associated with my low level of wellbeing. I was lethargic, anxious and experienced a range of digestive issues.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first visited Terry. I soon realised that there was a range of techniques and approaches that Terry can employ to help you heal and grow. Terry creates a respectful, non-judgemental environment. I have an analytical mind- Terry respects that and supports my unique needs.

After seeing Terry, almost immediately I began to start noticing the differences in myself. I was instantly more aware of the way that I emotionally and physically reacted to stressors. Little by little, this increased my capacity to moderate my reaction to stress. Changes can be subtle, but are often very powerful.

The biggest difference is that now, even when I get overwhelmed, is that I know that the feeling will not be permanent and that I can make things better. The worst thing about depression is that you think it will never end. I know now that this not true.

I used to experience paralysing depression. Now, the worst I feel is frustration- frustration because I know my experience can be better.

I haven’t finished learning. Terry is a wonderful guide.

It is a powerful thing to change your outlook. I can thank Terry for guiding me to achieve this.

I think everyone can gain something from Find Yourself in Nature. Life’s journey can always be more joyful, natural and effortless.

Cassandra, Entomologist.

(Cassandra asked that only her Christian name be used in this review to guard against judgement by future employers)

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