Fraser Island Adventure Retreat

My name is Adam D and I am a business owner and Entrepreneur.

Last year I had so much going on in my head, I was not where I felt I should have been in my life and had not achieved the success I wanted. I was frustrated by that and not happy and although I read hundreds of books and went to seminars and courses I was not taking action and making progress. With everything I read, and went to, it all had a common theme of, be clear on what you want first! I realised finally, that this is was why I was not making progress, I did not have clarity on what I really wanted. Most of us spend very little time in this area; hence don’t get the outcome we want. I decided I needed to find a way to get clarity and started searching for a solution. My gut also told me the answer would be in nature, in a completely different environment to my normal surroundings. My search brought me to Find Yourself in Nature.

I thought it was exactly what I was after, it was in nature and after talking to Terry I felt confident I would get a good outcome. Even though we had a preliminary sessions on Skype, I did have some reservations as I flew up to QLD to meet with someone I had not met face to face, and was going to spend a number of days with, and had no real idea of the format and what to expect, but my gut said, ‘sometimes you have to just trust’ and I went with it.

It was wonderful, I had not connected with nature like that in 15 years of being in Oz and 4WD camping, eating fresh organic food, exercising and talking and getting such good perspective was amazing.

Some of the best parts were, connecting back with me, getting back to who I really am and what I represent in the world, swimming in the crystal clear streams and lakes, being in the moment,exercising, and eating amazingly well. Terry is a great cook and had the food part of the retreat down pat.

I really enjoyed eating healthy food and feeling the effect it hand on my energy levels and body. This changed the way I now eat, my exercise routine (Terry gave me some special stretches as I had a bit of a bad back) and I have now incorporated these into my daily life.

My time on Frazer gave me clarity on who I am, what I am good at and what I want in this world, and overall I walked away with a new sense of peace. It cleared the chatter in my head and I feel excited about what I can create and the life I can now design and have.

Terry is a down to earth wonderful guy. He is a very unique person with a toolbox of skills most people would take 3 life times to acquire, he has a unique ability to listen well and deliver suggestions and thoughts in such a clear and precise way that makes sense. He is patient, non-judgemental, genuinely cares and wants the best for the people he works with.

The experience was well worth it, and I think everyone should do this and repeat it each year, as life often tends to knock us off course.

I now live in the moment, I smell the roses, (literally) I put a new priority on being in nature and absorbing its gifts, going for walks, eating well, exercising well, controlling the chatter in my mind, being laser focused and having clarity on my goals, and I am getting far more, results wise than I was before. I often remember the time I spent on Frazer Island and how I honoured myself and connected with who I am and what I want.This thought keeps me focused.

Adam D, Entrepreneur, innovator and business owner.

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