Healing Anxiety Holistically

Emily’s Journey with Anxiety

I was recommended to go to Terry by my father, 4 years ago-I was experiencing some issues with anxiety and catching colds a lot, dad suggested that Terry would offer a holistic approach to my health. Terry first helped me overcome some of my fears-like that of acupuncture needles, and to gain back some energy and general health.

Two years ago, I found myself lost, afraid, anxious, completely detached from knowing who I was, and on the phone to Terry Hitzke. I came to him at that low point in my life thinking I was being insightful by admitting I had an eating disorder. After listening intently, Terry suggested that I didn’t have an eating disorder, but instead I had a thinking disorder, and that’s when the true insight initiated. From that point on Terry has worked with me on mindfulness (among so many other things), he has shared so much wisdom with me which has helped me to understand the effects that my thoughts have on my mental and physical health. We have also explored the effect that my connection with nature has on these things.

In this way, Terry has taken our work out into nature-where it all becomes so much more real. We have walked through the bush and spoken about the same issues, but the answers seemed to come so much more clearly, and Terry held a space for me there where I could connect with nature and understand myself in new ways.

Terry’s dedication to my personal healing process is inspiring, due to the amount of time he takes to listen and reflect on my journey, he understands what I am going through and who I want to be at the end, and he facilitates me in achieving these goals. He provides an open environment where I am able to be completely honest, and he addresses every aspect of who I am and what I’m going through.

I have sought help from so many professionals, but find myself dreading those appointments. I find them to be draining and frustrating because I feel that the experience is impersonal and that their suggestions are to band-aid the situation. When attending my appointments with Terry however, I feel safe and relieved, as I know that I will experience healing at some level each time I attend. Regardless of how bad (emotionally and physically) I am feeling before an appointment with Terry, every time I leave his ‘Healing Hut’, I leave with clarity, hope and more physical energy.

Following the sessions I always feel more inspired and equipped to give all that I can offer to the world and to stay true to myself and those around me. Terry has worked with me on finding myself again, he provides me with a space where I can explore my true self and how I fit into Nature and what is real and important to me. He has given me so many tools to enable me to take back control of my life. Every person could benefit from spending healing time with Terry; my sessions have opened my eyes to a new level of consciousness, purpose, happiness and potential for who I can be and what I can achieve.

Emily: Singer, song writer, musician.

(Emily has asked that only her Christian name be used in this review to guard against judgement by future employers)

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