Athletic Performance Enhancement

It goes without saying that the correct technique and training regime is required to perform sport at its best, but quite often an athletes base technique can be flawed with  bio-mechanical weakness, poor joint range or inefficiencies that have been trained to a high enough level of competence to remain hidden.

Eventually however as the pressure of training increases a false ceiling of performance can be reached or injuries occur. Both are limiting to optimal performance and can be easily identified with specific structural assessment and testing.

Running Style Assessment

Running is a component of many common sports. Nature Therapies offers a complete Running Style Assessment that can help you avoid injury, unleash your bodies full potential and literally allow you to run faster with less effort.

Terry has been an athletics and triathlon coach for over 35 years, and by combining this and his clinical experience he has created a unique assessment and re-patterning process that allows athletes to improve their technique from the very first session.

The Running Style Assessment also taps into the wisdom of the posture and efficient movements of Indigenous cultures. A Style Assessment involves three 50 min practical sessions at two week intervals, on the road or track and includes video recording and personalised assessment sheet with re-patterning exercises.

The cost is $270 for the three sessions.

Balanced Mental & Emotional Attitude

A balanced mental and emotional attitude to sport can mean that all of your available energy can be directed to your sports action and performance on the day and not sidetracked into negative or self-limiting thoughts which can produce self-limiting actions.

Stress, nervousness, lack of confidence and self doubt can seriously erode peak performance. Having a healthy attitude to sport and maintaining a balance in life, create a foundation that can support sustainable efforts over time and allow experience build up year after year.

I have seen many talented athletes cut their career short long before their peak, because of an unhealthy, obsessive or misguided mindset. Terry’s earlier studies in sports psychology, life coaching and counselling contribute to identifying and managing mental and emotional state in a healthy way.

In everything we do, there is an underlying enjoyment in creating health.

Balanced Natural Bio-Mechanics & Posture

Having balanced natural bio-mechanics and posture is still one of the most untapped areas of sports performance. When we first approach a new sport we take our habitual posture and learn the actions involved.

If our habitual posture was out of balance, the body then produces a cascade of compensatory bio-mechanical changes that tend to use accessory muscles, co-contraction and bracing in order to achieve the action. Often, vital muscles are inhibited in this process and joint compression and damage can result.

We all know the result of not having strong and balanced core muscles! Each joint in our body has a similar regime muscles that provide supportive and protective action as well is producing powerful movement.

Over 25 years of specialising in sports injuries, sports biomechanics and structural balancing has led to the development of unique testing, treatment and rehabilitation techniques that offer elite athletes the ability to fine tune their bodies posture for peak performance.

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Terry Hitzke has had more than 35 years’ experience in coaching sport, playing sport, mentoring sports men and women, and treating sports injuries. He developed and lectured the first Sports Injuries Management course for postgraduate natural therapists in 1987, and has been proactive in developing many new treatment principles and therapies, including the amazingly effective Ant-Ag Stretching.

Terry has sponsored and cared for many elite athletes, looking for that extra edge to take them to the top of their field. He has worked with members of the Queensland Reds, Brisbane Lions, Brisbane Bullets, Broncos, Davis cup tennis, Australian kayaking, water polo and beach volleyball teams, along with countless runners, triathletes, dancers and gymnasts. This extensive experience is available to you by simply phoning to make a consultation to see how he may be able to help.


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