Truly wholistic nutrition is a little different from choosing which “diet” you “should” be on at the present time, given your appearance, what’s in vogue, or how motivated you feel! Getting your nutrition fine-tuned to your own personal needs, is one of the most health producing achievements that you can experience. Let me explain.

The best description of wholistic nutrition that I know, comes from the Ayurvedic traditions of India: “Food, is everything that comes in through our five senses, including three categories of thoughts.” This means that what we see, hear, smell, sense and taste all form inputs into our system, and consequently have ‘down the road’ effects on our health and well-being. The next secret that Ayurveda shares with us, is the concept that we now have to “digest” this “food” effectively.

So now we have two components to wholistic nutrition:The types of food that we are absorbing and eating, and how well our system digests it. This determines the net result and quality of nutrients and energies that our bodies can now use to conduct our lives. The third factor, is those “three categories of thoughts”. The beneficial thoughts (Satwik), neutral thoughts (Rajasic), and non-beneficial thoughts (Tamasic), all have to be digested as well, and also have their effect. For example, depending how our thoughts are spread between these three categories when we’re shopping at the supermarket, we can easily make physical food choices that may not have beneficial effects on our bodies.

Ayurveda is big on encouraging us to choose beneficial food, sights, sounds, smells, sensations and keep our thoughts beneficial and health promoting as well. A big task, but well on the way to allowing a more complete understanding of what might be involved in truly wholistic nutrition!

Nature Therapies is equipped to provide you with as much education, wisdom and support, in as many of these areas of wholistic nutrition as you can handle. This will depend on your history, and whereabouts you are along the road to personal health and balance. Terry has studied general nutrition extensively and has formal qualifications in Chinese dietetics and Sports Nutrition. He also greatly respects the dietary traditions of ancient cultures and is envious of the balance and health they created, using only natural foods. The nutritional protocols he practices, are not only understood by modern science, but often contain the ageless common sense of ancient wisdom.

Nature Therapies is the place to come if you want to change your “diet” and naturally allow your body to become more healthy. With this increased health, you might like to improve your immune system, have more energy, go faster or improve your sports performance, think clearer or just become a happier about yourself…….. or all of the above! Some people might even want to lose a little bit of fat :-)

We are quite literally “health enthusiasts”, and love sharing what we do, to help you be just as healthy.


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