Chris’s Clinic Story

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Chris simply leaned forward to lift groceries out of his car, but then instantly collapsed groaning onto his garage floor. A stabbing spasm that took his breath away radiated from an old trouble spot in his lower back, and as he struggled not to swear out loud, he couldn’t stop thinking “Not again!!! How long is this going to take”…

He was sick of this and thought his ‘bad back’ gone away, but as the reality of his position and the familiarity of the pain sunk in, he began to envision the weeks of pain, discomfort and inconvenience that were probably ahead.He had had some physio treatment the last time it locked up and had done his exercises “a little bit” that had finally decided that it was now time to get serious about fixing this up before it became a regular feature. One of his touch footy team mates had previously recommended Nature Therapies the last time he hurt his back and this time he decided to act.

When he met Terry at his first appointment he thought “This guy is a little different!” Not so much because he asked a lot of questions, but because he seemed to be able to zone straight in to the cause of what was going on and tell Chris what he had been experiencing in other parts of his body. Chris was a little bit sceptical about this holistic view at first, but everything that Terry said seemed to make good sense, and the relief he experienced just from the brief treatment time that remained in his initial consultation had him hopeful of a good result.

Terry asked Chris to come twice a week for the first couple of weeks to reduce the pain and discomfort as quickly as possible and to enable more comfortable sleep. Terry explained that it wasn’t his acupuncture, herbs or muscle manipulation that was doing the healing, they were simply removing any blockages to healing, so that the real repair could take place naturally when he slept at night.Muscle spasm, he explained restricted blood and energy flow, and if this was happening at night, as well as during the day then it would dramatically slow down the healing process.

Chris’s treatment used a combination of acupuncture to relax muscle spasm improved blood flow and relieve pain, powerful anti-inflammatory herbs and a very effective muscle manipulation technique that Terry has developed called Ant-Ag therapy, which uses a natural mechanism contained within each muscle to assist its opposing muscle to relax. Chris was amazed at how well this worked and each treatment saw noticeable improvement in not only his acute symptoms but also the underlying structural imbalances that had become habitual from the football days of his youth. Chris was diligent with his “homework” Ant-Ag stretches this time, because he would feel better every time he did them, and within two weeks his back had improved by 80%.

Chris continued his treatment and exercise regime and was completely pain free and had regained full range of motion in another 10 days. At this point he opted to “get to the bottom” of his old structural weaknesses and imbalances as he now understood, through Terry’s explanation, how this has set him up for the painful episodes that he had experienced the previous couple of years. He also chose the Structural Assessment Program which fully assessed his core muscle stability and exposed some glaring weaknesses in his abdominal strength and some muscles that were too switched on in his back. He was prescribed a personalised, specific programme of corrective exercises on the fit ball and could feel his back getting noticeably stronger each week.

“Now every morning when I get out of bed I still notice how good my back feels, and when I bend over to wash my face at the sink, it doesn’t feel tight like it’s about to grab me. I’m really happy with it. I didn’t know that it could feel this good again. I just thought I was getting old”

Chris’s story is similar to thousands of stories that Terry’s clients could tell over 26 years of practice. But the real hero is not Terry, rather it is the unique and effective therapies that he has developed during the many thousands of one-on-one treatment hours that have been spent tracking down and treating the real causes of problems rather than just treating the symptoms.Treatments like Ant-Ag therapy can very quickly relieve muscle spasm and repattern the muscles to correct co-contraction, improve flexibility and relieve stiffness and tension. Better still, you can take home your own prescription of Ant-Ag stretches to work specifically on your problem area.

If you would like to experience Ant-Ag therapy or get to the bottom of a recurring niggle then please phone to reserve an appointment with Terry Hitzke on 0408 186 243.

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