Season’s greetings and my best wishes for a healthy and happy 2012.

April this year saw my wife Dianne and I take our first trip to Europe, visiting Dubai then on to Italy and having a very scary drive from Rome to Tuscany, (lucky to be still alive!) catching the Bernina Express train across the Alps into Switzerland and then riding our mountain bikes from Disentis in the Swiss Alps, following the Rhine River through Lichtenstein, Austria and eventually down to Lake Constance in Germany. It was definitely a great way to see the countryside which was showing its best of the spring wildflowers. We then caught a train to Paris that went at 320 km/h and spent a few days seeing some classic European icons. Quite an experience! There are some pictures attached below.

2011 has seen also the development of the Nature Therapies website which is up and running but still in a state of growth and change. I plan to have a lot of resources that I use in the clinic, available on the website for you as members. Things like blood type diet lists, smoothie recipes and specific articles on natural health, stretches etc.

Earlier in the year I conducted some focus groups to plan the website and received a lot of really helpful information about what you would like on the site. The rest of these changes are to be rolled out early in 2012. Thanks to all those who contributed it was very much appreciated.

As many of you know, apart from my acupuncture and natural therapy work I also conduct Find Yourself programs to help people get in touch with who they really are and sort through some of the issues that may be limiting their experience of life. For the last six years I have also been taking clients in need, out into Nature on multi-day retreats to unwind, discuss issues and gain clarity about how to move forward in life or work. I absolutely love watching the transformative effect that this immersion in Nature, combined with gentle mentoring has had on these clients, and I have been encouraged to offer this unique service to the corporate and wider community.

Find Yourself in Nature, as I have decided to call the programme, will have its own website early in the new year. (For those of you who know me well, you can probably expect to see this "later" in the new year!)

Also exciting for 2011 has been the rollout of the Ant-Ag stretching program, a new approach to stretching that I had been developing over the previous three years. This is proving to be more effective than any rehabilitative technique that I or Tony had used in the previous 25 years. If you would like to read a specific article on Ant-Ag stretching (Antagonist-Agonist) please click this link.

Some clients have suggested that it would be great to have a program that basically addresses the key components of a healthy balanced lifestyle, namely: diet and detox, exercise, healthy thinking, spirituality, work/life balance, relationships and your environment. They were hoping that I could develop a year-long program that provided appropriate stimulus to keep all of these areas in balance, and to journey through the year knowing that they would address each of these areas as part of the program. It could be tailor-made to each individual and packaged as a 12 months subscription. I'm very interested to hear your feedback about this idea so please feel free to drop me an e-mail at Thank you.

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