Responding to the Day

As sure as there is night and day, Yin and Yang, summer and winter, there is a pendulum of energy flow that swings from day to day. Some days the pendulum swings to the high energy side of the arc, and some days it swings to the low side.

On the low days you may find it difficult to do your normal activities with the normal amount of energy. Things feel harder to do and we have less enthusiasm for them. Sometimes it can feel like we’re moving through treacle!

If you sense this, try to respond to the energy pendulum just where it is. Allow the common-sense-obviousness of the energy not being present, to allow yourself to adjust naturally to those feelings. Athletes who push themselves, and do their “normal” training program on these days, often report that they “train rubbish” and it was not worth getting out of bed. And, sometimes after pushing ourselves all day, we might reflect on a lot of “resistance” being present.

Just as this pendulum swings from side to side, it is okay to be gentle with ourselves at times and honouring of our less energetic states. There will be plenty of days, when the energy is high, that we can put the pedal to the metal.


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