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Jan’s breath shortened as she felt a familiar tightening in her chest. The friction and conflict that now played an increasing part in her once happy marriage had surfaced again. The same old issues and the same old arguments just seemed to lay smouldering, waiting for the slightest comment to spark them into tension. She was starting to wonder if they would ever find resolution.

A private person, Jan felt stuck, and didn’t want her friends to know things weren’t going smoothly, although she sometimes suspected they had an inkling, from the way her husband spoke to her when they were at parties after a few drinks. She knew her husband was busy, stressed and absorbed by his work, but it didn’t help that he had limited capacity to talk deeply and honestly about the issues that were coming between them. She worried also about the effect it was having on their three primary school children.

Her older sister, who could sense what was going on, eventually plucked up the courage to ask Jan if everything was okay. She took the opportunity to confide and learn that her sister had similar issues some years ago and listened to the advice she had to offer. Jan’s sister also recommended the option of professional unbiased assistance she had received in the Find Yourself program at Nature Therapies. She felt that although she could offer Jan encouragement and support she might be too close to the personalities and issues involved.

Jan persevered for a few more months without success and found herself now stressed and in her head worrying about the situation for large portions of her day and night. It wasn’t working, in fact things were getting worse. She apprehensively made an appointment and even as she hung up the phone she felt relieved that she at least had made a step toward sorting things out.

In Jan’s first session with Terry he listened attentively to her story and asked questions about what she thought was happening between them. Jan felt comfortable that she wasn’t being judged as a failure and opened up more about the emotions she was feeling and the choices that she might have to make. She was surprised when Terry was able to describe both her and her husband’s personalities quite accurately from the little that she had told him, and fascinated to learn how some of the things that she did quite innocently only made things worse.

Terry explained that what they would need to do first is to build frameworks of understanding that that allowed her to understand herself within the situation, and then to also understand how her husband’s personality naturally responds. He would then most likely introduce a combination of five element /emotional acupuncture and energy healing in to the sessions.

After a few sessions and beginning to feel more in control, Jan committed to the process and realised that although it was going to take some time, it was going to be of great value to her.

Along the way she learned about the fears that she had and how they caused her to present a mask to the world and that she had expectations of a ‘fairy-tale’ marriage. She was also able to journey through and release many of those fears through a special visualization and healing technique that Terry employed to see the illusion in fears. The more she found out who she really was, the more she began to feel freer and even more in control , and began to put energy into accepting what she found.

Jan was quite pleased when the intensity and frequency of the arguments started to diminish and she was able to allow the stress to drain out of their relationship by choosing not to create or continue any conflict that arose. Her husband responded positively to the new ,very real and more confident Jan, and started to open up to her more about the work stresses that made him feel so uncomfortable about his inability to be the dad and husband he wanted to be in his fairy-tale.

Jan realized that she and her husband would never live “happily ever after” and that family conflict was a part of most normal families, however, now she felt confident that she and her husband had the skills to resolve, move through and put any conflicts to rest. This, along with an emerging understanding of self, allowed her to feel quite content with their life and able to focus on her day to day tasks.

Energy sapping relationship issues can do enormous damage if they are allowed to continue without resolution. The emotions that Jan experienced and the decline of her physical health through increasing and unresolved stress, is much more common inside families than the “Everything is going great” facade that is generally presented to the outside world would have you believe.

Finding good help when help is required can mean the difference between arresting a relationship decline and falling deeper into the quagmire of conflict and its unpleasant outcomes.

Nature Therapies Find Yourself programs offer Counselling, Life Coaching and Energy Healing to help find clarity and balance in life’s more difficult situations and relief from emotional and mental pain. 5 Element/Emotional acupuncture is also a wonderful modality to help balance your energies, and bring you back to how you should naturally feel.

A Find Yourself session usually runs for an hour and can include any combination of the above modalities. This valuable and often transformative work brings healing right to the root cause of a lot of emotional and physical disharmonies. A full hour Find Yourself session is $150.

If you would like to to have someone help you find resolution to a seemingly unsolvable problem, then please phone to reserve an appointment with Terry Hitzke on 0408 186 243.

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