Nature Retreats

Simply, you can go to any place you need or feel drawn to go.

We have stayed in eco-friendly and sometimes luxurious accommodation to camping out under the stars, self-sufficient and deep in the heart of Nature.

It’s your journey, it’s your dream… we just help you bring into reality!

If you can’t decide where to go, we have a process for discerning what landscapes may resonate with your being and provide you with what you need. We also have a repertoire of special places that hold particular energy suitable for healing, reviving and re-energising parts of us that can get out of balance. Give us a call and discuss your special needs.

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How Can Nature Answer Your Questions?

People from all walks of life have, and will benefit from Find Yourself in Nature programs.

Here is a sample of some of the agendas that our business and private clients have bought with them into Nature to achieve:

Relationship and marriage issues.
To adapt to life-threatening illness.
Bereavement of a loved one or way of life.
To feel a natural rhythm and flow in life again.
Wanting to create sustainable life and work practices.

Facing retirement and needing to clarify new directions.
Wanting another way of doing life, and another way of being.
Wishing to reconnect with Nature in a deep, significant and life giving way.
To breath, slow down, re-set, heal and restore harmony to the spirit.

Make some choices about a life draining business or employment.
Suffering from nervous breakdown, depression, anxiety or health damaging stress.
To gain an Australian Indigenous perspective on landscape, healing and sustainability.
Needing to take a different direction in life or work but not knowing how to achieve this.

People wishing to find their true selves, so that they can choose what they need to do in life.
Wanting to journey through chosen landscapes in a more intimate, spiritual and meaningful way.
Looking for healing in mind, body and spirit and realising that certain natural places can enhance this process.
Wanting to “walk” softly, gently, respectfully over the land, absorbing Nature’s signification’s in an eco-spiritual journey.

Seeking answers to deep questions and yearnings from the examples of truth that Nature and Australian Indigenous understanding provides.
To remember and re-mind themself that ultimately we are part of Nature, and the same laws that govern Nature govern us, and I need to learn these laws, as what I am doing is not working!

Do any of these resonate with you?

Do you feel that reconnecting to Nature would serve and revive your spirit?

Then take the time to consider deeply the benefits a Find Yourself in Nature program could bring into your life.

Give Terry Hitzke a call on 0408 186 243 to discuss your needs, or complete the form below.

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