I had come to a point in my life where I was confused about who I actually was

I had come to a point in my life where I was confused about who I actually was. I was having moments of true happiness mixed with moments of unhappiness which was causing me considerable levels of frustration. On paper my life seemed ideal, good job, car, house, kids, family etc however something didn’t quite feel right. Why wasn’t I getting the highs and satisfaction I expected from these seemingly positive attributes in my life?

Initially I took this challenge on myself, reading a few books that covered self development however it became clear that to do this properly I needed someone to guide me through. Terry was referred to me as someone who could help, and he has lived up to expectations.The first few clinical sessions were not easy. It was during these initial sessions that I quickly discovered that there was no quick fix, and certainly no avoiding some serious self assessment work. Being open and honest about my feelings was not a natural concept for me however before too long I began to feel at ease with Terry and began to share my thoughts and feelings and my strong desire to develop.As I became more comfortable with the sessions they began to move at a more rapid pace. The sessions were well structured and I could clearly see development from week to week which is why I made my sessions with Terry a natural part of my working week.

Terry has really helped me to become more aware of myself and the things around me. I now have a greater sense of awareness in most aspects of my life and this has made me a lot happier. By becoming more aware of who I am as a person I am now more able to confidently make decisions and communicate effectively. This is because I am getting to know my framework for being, an area I feel comfortable in.

I have found my sessions with Terry very helpful and I intend to continue with them as required. It has been a worthwhile investment into my future and my future happiness so from that point of view I would recommend his services to others.

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