Life Coach/Writer

How were you feeling prior to the program?

I was feeling mediocre and I had a very restricted view of what my life could be.

What was going on in your life that you thought the program could improve?

I actually came to see Terry to deal with a weight issue but realised after a short period of time that the way I thought about myself and my life would need to change if I was going to feel better about myself!

How did you find your first few sessions?

My memory doesn’t go back that far!! (Only joking!!)

The first few sessions were not ground breaking but rather a realisation that life could in fact be considerably better than what I had come to expect! The only catch: I was going to have to focus and apply my energy into realising it.

What kept you coming back?

I got deeper down the rabbit hole! Basically Terry was offering me a compelling way of looking and experiencing the world that was intriguing and I thought would be of great value to my life.

What is it that you have been able to create in your life as a result of the program?

I have created a completely different reality! My view of the world has changed in a way that no words can really describe but I will try…..

My eyes now feel ‘open’ and I see the world from a completely different perspective. I now know that I can create anything I truly want and that I own my own reality and my experience of the world. And that brings an enormous sense of freedom that is impossible to describe.

What is it that you have been able to create in your life as a result of the program?

I have been able to let go of limitation and now I see my life as an infinite array of possibilities. I see my life as a blank canvass on which I can create the most amazing picture the world has ever seen.

What value have you found in the program? Was it worth your investment of time, energy and dollars?

I have found enormous value in the program and I think the monetary investment has meant that I have put more time and physical energy in making it work for me.

What particular components have you found the most powerful?

There has been value and power in all of the components because the catalyst for change is Terry and his perspective on the world. I found the most enjoyable component doing the Find yourself in Nature program because it was personally challenging as well as good to get out of the office!!

Would you recommend the program to others? What would you tell them? How would you explain what value there could be to them even though they haven’t experienced it?

I do recommend the program to others and I tell them about my journey – where I was and where I am going. These days I realise that people often don’t even know what they want and I try to explain that the process starts there …. People usually identify with the need to change versus not knowing what they want their life to change to.

How do you explain the amazing experiences you had that words cannot explain????

These days I realise that most people have some sort of reference (or abstract understanding) so I try to engage my energy and put the energy behind the words. If find that people often get the energy rather than the words that I speak!

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