Christmas Survival Kit


Christmas and New Year is a wonderful time, with the gathering of family and friends, some holidays and of course the odd party. However it is the frequency of these parties, dinners and barbecues at this time of year that can put a little too much stress on our body’s ability to detoxify and feelgood. Some clients tell me that they can’t wait until mid-January to slow down, get rid of those toxins and to get back into balance.

Here are a few tips to survive the festive season and come out the other end as squeaky clean as possible :-)

1. Stick to your blood type diet as much as possible or make the healthiest choices you can from the food on offer.  If there is something that you really like but know is not good for you, and you must have some, just have a small amount but savour the taste!

christmasbn22. Have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drinkas this will negate the effects of alcohol/sugar dehydration and also allow theliver and kidneys to flush out some of the toxins.

3. When enjoying a few drinks, try doubling the quality and halving the quantity.  There can often be more enjoyment in a glass of high-quality, well-made wine than there is in a whole bottle of the cheap stuff.  I also have it on good authority (a winemaker told me) that there is a headache in the bottom of every cheap bottle of wine!  (The rougher/cheaper the alcohol, the more nasty chemicals and additives it contains.”)

4. Get to sleep as close as possible to the time that you normally retire, so as not to destroy your natural sleep rhythm too much.  Good sleep it is essential to detoxify and recover from social occasions.

christmasbe315. If you know it is going to be a big night, then consider taking some Phyto Pro or Ultra-liv. Both are herbal supplements available from Nature Therapies that have been shown to be liver protective and highly detoxifying.  Taking too of these guys before you go, after you get home and the next day dramatically improves hangovers and residual effects.  (I have proof!)

6. Some regular, gentle exerciseis also good to move the blood and gently detoxify the body in readiness for the next occasion. It will also make you feel better.Remember, if you don’t feel as good at the end of the festive season has you did before it, it may be a good time to do a mini-detox.Have a great Christmas, enjoy yourself and stay healthy.

Now there’s a challenge!


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