I know, you’re probably thinking, “It’s been a while since last newsletter”, and you would be right! Too long in fact……… but I’ve Been Busy!

How often do we hear that? How often do we fill our agenda up until we leave no space for some of the more important things in our lives? It’s easy to do, and I get the sense that is becoming more common, and even expected, with some dire consequences for balance, contentment in life, and of course our health.

So, I decided to share some insights on “busyness“from the perspective of someone (me) who often has to help people find the reverse button when they have gone too far, and are damaging their health, happiness and quality of life. It’s a cracker of an article with plenty of strategies to identify if you are “Too Busy”, and how to get out.

Winter this year was dry and cool, with more than the usual amount of colds, flus and downright nasty viruses floating around. I saw many clients who had trouble getting over their flus, with it often returning for a second or even third bout if they did not rest and recover completely, before going back to work. If this was your experience, please make sure you are adequately rested and beware of burning the candle at both ends as we lead up to Christmas. This is traditionally another high-risk cold and flu period as we combine extra “busyness”, with late nights, party food and more drinks than usual. (Maybe read that article on busyness now!)

I do have exciting news however. One of the main excuses for my busyness has been the re-development of the Nature Therapies website. Yes, it’s finally done, and finished (for now!) and up there on the net for all to admire. www.naturetherapies.com.au Please have a look and let me know what you think, and a very big thank you for all those who gave up their time to come to the focus groups to help me with ideas for the website. You will definitely see your handiwork in the new site. There are heaps of health resources and informative articles there for you, and if you’re ever looking for an old newsletter article or hand out that you may have received in a consultation, they are up there too.

Also in this issue is a Christmas Survival Kit of practical strategies to stay healthy over the festive season and get the most out of your holiday break. There is also an illuminating article on the Five Common Foods You Definitely Shouldn’t Eat. Yes, believe it or not there are common, everyday foods out there that can not only damage your health but contain carcinogenic toxins.

Lastly, more exciting news on the technology front. Those of you who know me well and my love of nature will realise the amount of kicking, screaming and frustration-(did I mention ineptitude) that would have gone on in front of my computer in the last few months to spawn not only a new website ……….but also a FACEBOOK page. Yes, you heard right, Terry Hitzke has a Facebook page! Well, not him really, but Nature Therapies has a Facebook page.

Many of you will be aware of the wide variety of the modalities that I practice and the highly specialised and unique programs that are on offer. Keeping in contact with these different interest groups with updates, new information and inspiration is something that is difficult for a static website to achieve and quite a few clients mentioned that a Facebook page would be ideal, so here it is!

The page will be a place to share some of the wisdom, experience and insights that I’ve gained from more than 27 years of full-time practice in wholistic natural therapies, and provide a hub for like-minded souls to connect to things Natural and find inspiration for their own journey of healthy balanced living. You might also get to see some great photos of the stunning places that I get to call my “office” on the Find Yourself in Nature programs.

There will be four major areas, Musculo-skeletal (bad backs etc), Nutrition, Coaching Corner and Athlete Performance Enhancement, each having its own post day. Please jump on the page and if you like it, click, like button to stay in touch.

Enjoy summer, and if I don’t see you beforehand, have a happy and healthy Christmas, and a well-deserved rest……… and don’t forget to get out into Nature to recharge your spirit.

Warm regards


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