The Truth About Obesity

Fact: According to the World Health Organisation, more than 60% of the global disease burden will be attributed to chronic disorders associated with obesity by 2020.

Scales1Is food/diet and exercise enough to reduce the rapidly elevating trend towards obesity in adults and children? By the time an adult is obese, what damage has already been done? Do they have insulin resistance, joint degeneration, high cholesterol, hypertension, poor gut function, and hypothyroidism? Worse however is that many obese adults may have all of these problems, which lends to the thought that possibly diet and exercise may no longer be enough.

The harsh truth of obesity is that it is associated with numerous disorders and diseases. The staggering statistics of obesity-related conditions include 80% of Type 2 Diabetics, 70% of cardiovascular disease cases, and 42% of breast and colon cancer cases can be directly attributed to obesity.

In our disconnection from Nature and natural ways of doing things, is it possible that we have suppressed a very basic human skill of being able to choose which foods are beneficial (actually food for us) and which foods aren’t. In a natural system, have you ever seen any fat birds, or fat kangaroos or even fish? I can’t recall even in our suburb of seeing a fat magpie or lizard but I have seen parrots with their feathers falling out because people them bread!

So let us be mindful of what we eat, and the amounts, and make sure that that food we choose is as natural as possible, stuff that we were designed for genetically programmed to eat a long time ago. This means that food should look like it did a long time ago (more than 5000 years)

The same goes for exercise. We are genetically programmed to be active and these genes have not changed just because we have entered a so-called “modern” age. No nature-based, so called “primitive” culture had obese individuals. This is a very recent outgrowth of our modern life and work styles and should be clear evidence that something is not working!

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