Life Changing Benefits

Could this change your life? What are the benefits?

We have observed that spending purposeful time in Nature always produces a shift in perspective and provides a balancing contrast to the life people are leading. (This goes for us as well!)

This contrast brings a clarity of thought and introspection, that allows new choices and directions to emerge from an understanding and experience of what emerges as true for us, on a much more meaningful and connected level.

Here are some of the common outcomes that clients have reported to us during, on completion and even years after their journeys with us.

The Misty Summit of Mt Bartle Frere Nth Qld

The Misty Summit of Mt Bartle Frere Nth Qld

I feel more connected to what is true for me.
Stress drained away and a natural rhythm returned.
I loved being reintroduced and becoming comfortable again with Nature.
I feel revitalised, clear and refocused on what is really important in life.

It’s quite profound…… removing yourself from all those insidious electromagnetic forces and the built environment that we live in, to feel the quite tangible difference of spending time in a natural environment……it’s like being unhitched and released from that subtle, familiar but also tangible bombardment of your nervous system.
Subtly at first, but quite noticeable after a while, there developed an internal rhythm in my life that began to reflect the timeless rhythm of Nature around me…… beyond rushing, beyond e-mail and mobile phone, beyond the synthetic metronome of “modern” society.

I can clearly remember where I was and what I was doing, that time at Indian Head (Frazer Island) when that incredible, but obvious thought came, that changed my life from that point on.
Each day we walked, the birds, lizards and other animals allowed me to come closer to them, watching me eye to eye……. and then a dialogue of appreciation started.


Do any of these outcomes resonate with you?

Do you feel that reconnecting to Nature would serve and revive your spirit?

Then take the time to consider deeply the benefits a Find Yourself in Nature program could bring into your life.

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