Muscle and Joint Pain

Nature Therapies can help you find permanent resolution to your muscle, joint or back pain, even if you have had it for many years and have tried other modalities. The secret is in the approach we take.

Tension/compression and inflammation

The vast majority of muscle and joint pains are initiated by only a few of our body’s natural responses: tension/compression and inflammation.

These natural responses are in turn usually symptoms of underlying imbalances in either our:

  • technique of performing activity,
  • chronic poor posture,
  • systemic inflammation and toxicity or
  • having an over acid system.

Taking a truly wholistic view of not just the injury but also the nutritional and biomechanical status of your body, leads to understanding the various factors involved in causing the pain, what is stopping it from healing, and of course the appropriate treatment required to bring restore freedom and range of motion. This is vastly different to just treating the symptoms.

Quality sleep is so important

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal and be pain free. If we can simply remove the forces that are creating the problem, or stopping the healing.

Acupuncture, and any of the modalities that Terry practices do not heal! We heal naturally, at night, when we are asleep. (This is why quality sleep is so important!) Acupuncture and other therapies simply remove blockages, obstacles and deficiencies to our body’s natural healing ability.

So having someone take a holistic view of all of these causative blockages and obstacles is vital to producing permanent resolution of any long-term and chronic conditions.

When you come, after a full and probing history and examination is performed, you will be offered a course of treatment and personal rehabilitation that will often involve:

  • custom designed Ant-Ag Stretches,
  • exercises,
  • postural correction,
  • style modification and
  • any nutritional detoxification or acid/alkali balancing that may be required.

Clinical treatment will usually involve education to understand your condition, Acupuncture, various rehabilitative massage techniques including Ant-Ag Therapy and structural realignment.

My mission: is to provide natural pathways to healing and health.

Ant-Ag Therapy

Recently, Terry has developed an amazingly effective new style of stretching and therapy called Ant-Ag Therapy. This is best explained as a combination of acupuncture/trigger points and fascial stretching, along with antagonist and agonist movements of the affected muscles and joints.

“In the 30 years I have practised musculoskeletal medicine, I’ve never seen anything quite as effective, both immediately and in the long term.” Ant-Ag therapy corrects the underlying weaknesses, spasm and imbalances, and allows restoration of normal tension and range of motion to acute and chronic muscle and joint issues.

In the last three years many footballers, runners and athletes have found themselves comparatively injury free and enjoying increased performance at their sport. (This is primarily because their muscles aren’t fighting each other anymore, creating energy sapping co-contraction and painful joint compression.)

Get a Full Structural Assessment

When your condition becomes pain free and you can move "normally", you will be invited to complete a full Structural Assessment that will determine the underlying postural/muscular imbalances and co-contractions that may have caused your condition in the first place.

Then, a personalised structural realignment exercise program will be designed for you to perform on the Swiss ball. Those completing this program have had close to 100% success rate in not having their pain return.


If you like the idea of someone taking a truly holistic few of your pain,
fully understanding your individual circumstances
and supporting you to be totally pain-free,
then you’ve found the right place.

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