Sport Injuries

At Nature Therapies, Terry uses a combination Acupuncture, biomechanical assessment, advanced massage and osteopathic techniques and nutrition to address any underlying imbalances and deficiencies that may block or slow down your body’s natural ability to heal or perform at its best.

A passion for sports

Having a passion and talent for athletics since childhood, Terry decided during college (1982-1985) to specialise in sports injuries and musculo-skeletal disorders when he graduated, and not long after founded the Ashgrove Sports Injuries Clinic, the first dedicated sports injuries clinic in Brisbane.


Terry is an innovator

An innovator of many new and effective techniques Terry later created and lectured the first Sports Injuries Management course to postgraduate natural therapists at the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture and Natural Therapies and also The Australian College of Natural Medicine.

He has treated numerous elite and professional athletes including the Brisbane Bears in their formative years, members of the Reds, Bullets, QLD Academy of Sport, Brisbane Broncos, Olympic kayakers, runners, boxers, swimmers, and many dancers, gymnasts and circus performers.

Terry is a qualified triathlon and running coach

Terry is still regularly involved in running, mountain biking, nature hiking, gym, snow skiing, surfing and kayaking, and uses his extensive practical personal and clinical experience to provide answers and solutions to even the most difficult and resistant of injuries.

A qualified triathlon and running coach of 30 years, Terry also offers Running Style Assessments to help athletes move more efficiently and sustainably, and of course, faster!

My vision: is of a world where we live in harmony with Nature, and Nature lives in harmony with us.

A Multi-Disciplined Approach to Sports Injuries

Remedial massage is a wonderful way of restoring comfort and functionality to joints and muscles. Tight, achy muscles, sore joints and restricted painful range of motion all yield to appropriate remedial massage techniques.

At Nature Therapies, Terry Hitzke has been practising, teaching and developing new massage techniques for well over 30 years. He holds a diploma of Chinese Remedial Massage, a diploma of Structural Balancing (very similar to osteopathy, where the muscles that control our joints are seen as the primary cause and treatment path in joint pain and dysfunction), earned the position of Remedial Massage Therapists with the Queensland Association of Massage Therapists and lectured extensively in sports massage for the organisation all over Queensland.

Some form of massage therapy is generally included in each musculoskeletally based treatment and often in combination with acupuncture and prescription stretches and exercises, making powerful and often dramatic improvements each treatment.

Terry has a strong preference for getting to the bottom of muscle and joint pain to address the initiating causes and not just the symptoms. So, if you would like to take the journey of understanding what’s going on in your body, take control and decrease injuries and pain from your life, then Nature Therapies is for you. There are no magic wands, but rather a gentle and perceptive unravelling of the postural and structural issues that create joint and muscle disharmony, and sometimes the physical habits and personality perspectives, that set us up in the first place.

At Nature Therapies you can be assured that

Terry will get to the bottom of whatever is causing your injury

and help you overcome it wholistically.

To have a consultation with Terry,

Phone 0408 186 243

Your initial consultation is offered at an introductory discount of $95 for a full hour, one-on-one assessment.

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