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Nature Therapies Clinic practising traditional, time-honoured and highly effective natural therapies with over 33 years’ experience in Acupuncture, Structural Balancing, Holistic Athlete Performance, Remedial Massage, Sports Injuries, Nutrition, Counselling, Life/Business Coaching and Energy Healing. Situated in the Gap, a western suburb of Brisbane, Terry Hitzke provides effective holistic health solutions for those suffering difficult, chronic or long-term problems. Terry can help you decrease pain, improve your health, energy levels, work-life balance, relationships or the enjoyment you are experiencing in life.



The most powerful and profound forms of healing are founded in Nature. Natural ways of being, that don't create disease in the first place.


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Chris simply leaned forward to lift groceries out of his car, but then instantly collapsed groaning onto his garage floor. A stabbing spasm that took his breath away radiated from an old trouble spot in his lower back, and as he struggled not to swear out loud, he couldn’t stop thinking "Not again!!! How long is this going to take"... Read more →

Jan’s breath shortened as she felt a familiar tightening in her chest. The friction & conflict that now played an increasing part in her once happy marriage had surfaced again. The same old issues & same old arguments just seemed to lay smouldering, waiting for the slightest comment to spark them into tension. She was starting to wonder if... Read more →

Lauren winced at her reflection in the mirror. Here she was eighteen months after the birth of her second child, the dream of returning to her pre-pregnancy weight was becoming a taunt. It seemed now she had less of many things, less sleep, less energy, less time for exercise, less time to do the things that used to keep her in balance. She looked again and wondered what her husband really thought... Read more →

Philip felt pretty happy with himself when he was promoted to management three years ago, but now lying awake for the third night in a row, he was dreading having to get up and go to work in a job that had not only lost meaning, but was now sucking more life out of him and his family than he ever wanted to give. With his heart racing he finally came to the conclusion "I can't do this anymore"... Read more →

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