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Philip lay awake for the third night in a row. He felt pretty happy with himself when he was promoted to management three years ago, but now he was dreading having to get up and go to work in a job that had not only lost meaning, but was sucking more life out of him and his family than he ever wanted to give. With his heart racing he finally came to the conclusion “I can’t do this anymore.”…

He used to love what he did, and saw a clear career path to financial security and the “good life”. Now, with the economic climate not so good and necessary staffing cuts straining the whole organisation, Philip had become exhausted, stressed and now he suspected, quite depressed. The last 18 months started as a challenge, but now the cost to family and health had risen too high and he felt trapped in a lose /lose situation. Leave, and he might not be able to secure another job. Stay, and he might become really unwell.

Philip was already an existing client of Nature Therapies and had previously sought help from Terry for a painful lower back and some minor sporting injuries, but didn’t remember that Terry might be able to help with his current situation. The long hours and stress eventually did aggravate his back and when he presented for treatment,Terry was concerned at the changes that he saw in Philip in such a short time.

He had put on a lot of weight, had dark bags under his eyes, and looked reddish, puffed up and inflamed. His eyes used to have a clear, cheeky twinkle that were always ready for a laugh, but now they were dull, distant, and like no one was home. Terry asked what was going on and reminded Philip of the Find Yourself programs that he conducted, and Philip was at last relieved to talk openly to someone he knew may be able to help. He hadn’t felt comfortable talking to his boss about how he was feeling and certainly did not want his wife worrying as well.

Philip came once a week for a few months and began to understand how he had painted himself into a corner with his expectations and “she’ll be right” attitude. He realised that he wasn’t at all prepared to accept that there were some things in life that he may not be able to cope with, and in the past had simply thrown more time and energy at any situation that he found difficult and came out a winner. Now, with a family, a mortgage and a less healthy lifestyle, he had run out of energy and enthusiasm to finance his new position in the company and realise that it may have been a bad deal for him. When he was offered the position, he saw dollar signs, prestige, reward achievement, but the reality took him to places that his body, mind and spirit weren’t designed to go.

Philip did not know what to do, and sometimes wished Terry would just tell him, but Terry would always come back to a quote that he had, “There are two big questions in life. Who am I? And, what am I to do? If you can get clarity on the first question, then it usually becomes obvious how you are to express yourself in the world.” Terry’s programme, which focused on finding your true self seemed like a possible way forward and it wasn’t long before Phillip started feeling a little more understanding and control in his life. He started exercising again and watching what he ate. He realised that his alcohol consumption, which had also got out of hand, had to stop, it was draining him of energy and making him feel like a loser.

Philip eventually got to the place where he had developed more sustainable life and work habits and thought him about himself in an entirely more positive way. He knew now that he had the real choice to either remain in his current job, or use a special process that Terry had taught him to attract opportunities that might lead to his “ideal job”, one that more really suited his true self. He chose to attract a new job and was flabbergasted when two opportunities present themselves within three weeks. He chose one with less pay but had the lifestyle that would allow him to have all the things he and his family needed to be happy for the short term. This choice also gave him the time to do more work “on himself” and to really feel a sense of power and purpose in his life.

After accepting dietary advice and going through a gut and liver detox, his excess weight dropped away and more energy returned. He began to offer innovative solutions to some of the issues his company was experiencing at work and in just under a year ‘created a promotion for himself’ that not only offered more money but he found easy to do, as it drew on his natural skills and strengths. He realised that in the process of ‘finding himself’ that he uncovered these natural talents and was now confident in putting them forward. He also realised that he did these things easily and so much better than his colleagues. He had found unique strengths that others did not have. This made Phillip feel good about himself and valued by his superiors.

Nature Therapies Find Yourself programs offer Counselling, Life Coaching and Energy Healing to help find clarity and balance in life’s more difficult situations and relief from emotional and mental pain. 5 Element/Emotional acupuncture is also a wonderful modality to help balance your energies, and bring you back to how you should naturally feel.

A Find Yourself session usually runs for an hour and can include any combination of the above modalities. This valuable and often transformative work brings healing right to the root cause of a lot of emotional and physical disharmonies. A full hour Find Yourself session is $150.

If you would like to to have someone help you find resolution to a seemingly unsolvable problem, then please phone to reserve an appointment with Terry Hitzke on 0408 186 243.

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