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Sometimes in life and work, we lose our way a little and it becomes hard to know where we are going. We might even lose touch with who we are! These times variously cause pain and stress in our lives and an overbearing sense that there is another, better state of being that we could be experiencing………. we just seem to be a long way away from it!


Find Yourself Programs

Finding our way back can be an interesting path with many obstacles in the way, including our habits, personality, ego, societal expectations, family patterns, work and financial pressures.

Life and Business (when work is a major issue) Coaching, is for when you identify a concerning distance between where you are now and where you want to be, who you are now and who you know you can be, and your life as it is now and your life as you know it could be. Your health and relationships may also be reflecting this disparity in negative way.

Life Coaching is a potent tool for reconnecting you to your true self- your natural self, and helping you get clarity to disconnect from those parts of you that do not serve any longer. For various reasons, we can develop limiting thoughts and beliefs that leave us far short of who we know we can be. It is this journey of reconnecting to these “healed” or natural images of ourselves, which can bring the greatest growth, fulfilment and self-satisfaction in life. Terry can help you build frameworks of understanding around your stuck situation, your personality and the personalities of others involved, and help you develop the skills to navigate your way out.

Terry is a qualified life coach, graduating from Coaching Matters in 2001. He also has counselling qualifications dating back to the late 1970s when he did youth work for a large church based organisation, running camps and retreats and often leading groups into Nature. This love and aptitude for helping people find their true selves and sort out problems, has now found its expression in the “Find Yourself” and “Find Yourself in Nature” coaching and healing programs. These programs can take you beyond a stressful existence where you defend, rush and perform, to a place where you can gain clarity in life, and begin to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

Ayurveda is big on encouraging us to choose beneficial food, sights, sounds, smells, sensations and keep our thoughts beneficial and health promoting as well. A big task, but well on the way to allowing a more complete understanding of what might be involved in truly wholistic nutrition!

Nature Therapies is equipped to provide you with as much education, wisdom and support, in as many of these areas of wholistic nutrition as you can handle. This will depend on your history, and whereabouts you are along the road to personal health and balance. Terry has studied general nutrition extensively and has formal qualifications in Chinese dietetics and Sports Nutrition. He also greatly respects the dietary traditions of ancient cultures and is envious of the balance and health they created, using only natural foods. The nutritional protocols he practices, are not only understood by modern science, but often contain the ageless common sense of ancient wisdom.

When you come to see Terry you will be tapping into the accumulated experience and wisdom gained from over 35 years of working with clients in small groups or one-on-one. These coaching sessions are offered at three levels:

Nature Therapies Find Yourself programs offer Counselling, Life Coaching and Energy Healing to help find clarity and balance in life’s more difficult situations and relief from emotional and mental pain. 5 Element/Emotional acupuncture is also a wonderful modality to help balance your energies, and bring you back to how you should naturally feel.

A Find Yourself session usually runs for an hour and can include any combination of the above modalities. This valuable and often transformative work brings healing right to the root cause of a lot of emotional and physical disharmonies. A full hour Find Yourself session is $150.

If you are thinking that that these programs have something to offer you and you would like to check it out, then why not take advantage of of our introductory offer of an initial Find Yourself consult for one hour at $89, a discount of $61 on the normal fee.

This way you can not only begin to find out who you really are, but find out what Terry is like as well, and see if he is right for you!


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